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Maddie looks tea-riffic! (Amg, don’t hurt me ; ;)

I’m a little iffy about doing Ever After High customs. Their sculpts are different from Montser High so I’ve been learning to love those chubby faces. Anyway, I’m really happy with how she turned out! Mattel really packs detail into these galls. I love it! Sometimes it just needs a little enhancement and love.

I did a face I was comfortable with, the up-to-the-left-glance, but I’m very pleased with how she came out. Especially since she was a commission! /confetti!

I like her lips the most! To be honest, I didn’t care for the heart on Cedar and Cupid, really, but it’s grown on me!

Happy painting!

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Estaba jugando un poco con mis chicas y se me ocurrió cambiar sus vestuarios, creo que Ashlynn es la mas combinable de todas, pero Maddie es realmente linda también <3  

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These is a collection of pictures provided by Mattel in their recent catalog that shows the upcoming dolls for 2014!
Here you can find pictures of the upcoming dolls for Lizzie Hearts™, Dexter Charming™, Holly O’Hair™, Poppy O’Hair™, Legacy Day Cerise Hood™, Madeline Hatter™ and Ashlynn Ella™, the Thronecoming™ collection, Hat-Tastic Party™ collectioin and more!

Pictures provided by: fashiondollworld.de

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